September 18, 2001

  • Justice but not war .

      A week of silence in sign of mourning for the horrible events happened in USA might be the best to do .  And now ? Justice firmly must be done . To find the responsibles of the attack and judge them by a criminal international court of UNO . It will be difficult and long because these criminals are anywhere in the world . You cut a fanatism Hydra head and two are growing again . However the governments have to continue without stop to find them even if a long time is necessary .    But never blind war which would be a revenge . Those who ask that don' t know what it is : the total horror . More , the fanatism would be increased  yet . International army must be the arms of Justice only .    I think also we would have also to wonder why this fanatic islamism is growing and spaying so quickly and so strongly principally in East world . To attempt to find answers to that question perhaps would be a step towards peace in minds and in hearts .                 ps : exceptionaly I will only write my entry in English language ( very bad English language , forgive me )

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  • Welcome back,Michel,
    We were missing your voice a lot.
    The wind still make the"sycomore" and "le noyer"sing.That gives us a lot of confort.
    read you soon.

  • Your English writing is far better than my French writing.  Perhaps we should practice with each other!  But never mind--your point was made well, and easily understood.  I agree that, if we blindly strike back in rage, we become as ignorant and despicable as our enemy.  We would also give them justification for their hatred and their behaviour.  We must take the higher road and set an example.  However, once we have solid evidence, then justice must be served on the guilty.  Welcome back, mon ami.

  • The main thing is not whether you have dotted the i's and crossed the t's in a language, but whether you are able to communicate your emotions-Which you do, beautifully.

    War, huh? Inevitable, yes. The perpetrators of this evil will only grow bolder if this goes unpunished. But where do you stop? Who do you trust? Pakistan is using this tragedy to their advantage. Israel and Palestine have only got worse. Where is the remorse? Where is the sign taht we have ;learnt our lesson? WE humans are truly foolish.....and arrogant.

    God help us.

  • As i've mentioned before, this is Bible prophesy being fulfilled. These people don't have knowledge of that fact. Ignorance is not bliss here.

    I agree that vengence isn't the answer.  I have put my trust in Jehovah and intend to leave it there. His will, will be done, not that of man.

  • Glad to see you back writing again. Your English is not bad, my friend.

    Love, Bianca

  • As long as men will rely on religions to justify their animal recommence en français car c'est ma langue première aussi...

    Certains représentants de religions font en sorte que leur peuple agisse comme des animaux en les privant de libre pensée et libre expression... Les agissements résultent alors en ce que nous avons vécu. Je ne suis pas contre les religions même si je prône plus la libre spiritualité. Mais le fanatisme naît la pluplart du temps de gens qui n'ont plus la logique de se créer leur propre opinion. Ils peuvent être manipuler tellement facilement une fois affaiblis...

  • Your english is fine Actually, your writing is better than a lot of people that were born here.

  • Michele.. Ive missed you and glad you have returned. Don't worry.. Everything will be fine. I have faith in that.

  • I came here to post my thoughts, but Phil said it first.

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