April 20, 2015

  • Americans, we're back!

    Américains, nous revoici !!

    Americans , we're back!

    18 Avril 2015

    Départ depuis l' estuaire de la Charente  le samedi 18 Avril  à 10h.30 de la réplique de la frégate  Hermione ,  qui emporta la Fayette en Amérique en 1780 pour aider les ” patriots ” américains à gagner leur combat pour l’indépendance.  Qui sait ce que seraient devenus ces colons sans l' aide massive de la France ?
    La frégate arrivera à Yorktown, lieu de la victoire décisive  en Juin et à New York le 4 Juillet.
    275 ans plus tard



    On Saturday  April 18 ( 10h30 pm French hour ) , departure from the river Charente estuary of the replica  of the frigate Hermione   which shipped the Marquis de la Fayette in 1780 to help the american " patriots" to win their fight for the Independence. Who knows what those British colonies would  be become without the massive help of France?
    The ship will arrive in Yorktown ( place of the decisive battle) in June  and  in New York  in July 4.
    235 years later

    More about the frigate Hermione here :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_frigate_Hermione_(1779)


    OP DATE April 20

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  • I was hearing this news as I listened to the radio this morning. :-)

  • Wow! The French have always been allies for democracy. I hope the ship is able to make the voyage easily!!

  • How interesting, and what an ambitious project. My best wishes for a successful trip!

  • The French, Thank you!!! :-)
    This is so wonderful, Michel! :-)
    In the movie The Patriot, I was reminded of the great help France gave to the colonies! :-)
    Oh, to see The Hermione sail in would be marvelous and would bring tears of joy!
    HUGS!!! :-)


  • I for one will always be grateful to France for their help during the Revolutionary War.

  • We are a free nation because of France.

  • It was fun to see video of the Hermione setting sail yesterday on the evening news!

  • So much could be learned if we just paid attention to History instead of always trying to invent new History that is destructive. Thank you for sharing! Love to you and Janine and the whole family! <3

  • I saw no news story on this at least not yet. Couldn't understand a word on the video. :-)

  • I love and admire the French people. They have always been our friends. Many of our soldiers are buried in Normandy. My prayer is that their sacrifice is not in vain. May we always preserve our freedoms and not give in to tyranny and bullying.

  • That is fascinating news. Thank you for sharing and thank you to France!!

  • votre amie, Francoise.

    We owe a lot to our French Heritage. I would love to visit. Many of my ancestors came from France and I'm proud of that fact.
    My great great great grandfather David Vallete fought in the Revolution. So glad that the French were there to help ...

  • I saw yesterday, a time lapse picture of the Hermione being tugged into position to leave the yacht basin where it had docked prior to setting sail, then I had to look up the story. This is a very interesting story and it's really cool that it has so far been successful.

  • Wonderful!!

  • TY so very much for your comment on my series of photos of TD taking photos with his camera. It brings me great joy to see him enjoying his camera and photography so much.

  • Ty so very much of your comment on my macro of the tulip.

  • I hope that Hermione has a safe journey to America. What a wonderful way to celebrate her place in history. Even if she was on her way to fight the British :-D :-D

  • Welcome!! I would be glad to see the ship come into harbour safely. Especially if it also carried Michel Fauquet! :) You remind of our early American history and I am grateful to France for aiding us then! <3 Rhonda

  • @slmret: I am glad the news showed a video about the Hermione the same day you read here !

  • ryc:

    :-D :-D :-D Thanks Michel, you just gave me a good laugh. I just recently watched a movie where a woman in a nursing home, who missed her rose gardens, had pasted pictures of roses all over her walls.
    It was Frank heading to Hawaii that put me in a Hawaii state of mind today as I sat outside realizing how perfect the weather was. :-)

  • I've just been watching the video clips. I've never been able to fathom (haha - play on words?) how these battles at sea took place... how anyone came out a winner. Seems like those boats would be awfully hard to maneuver and easy to sink.
    I'd like to understand also, what made the French ally itself with the new colonies.

  • At one point in that second clip (part 2) they show Wilmington along the east coast of the United States... That's where I live. :-)

  • Many Thanks and much appreciation to France.

  • @JstNotherDay: I've been through Wilmington, De.... but I live in Tx. :)

  • @tempguestbrief - Hi. I'm in Wilmington, NC. It was pictured on the map in the clip. Wilmington, NC has a Revolutionary war history. It's quite a historical place really.

    I've also been through Wilmington, DE. We visited an uncle that lived in Delaware. :-)

  • Interesting and enjoyed the comments too. I agree with nanny about inventing history. What's wrong with writing things down as they happened and not sugar coating it or changing it so it's worse? :-) I think you gave us Lady Liberty too! :)

  • What a beautiful ship!!!

  • How you doing, Michel?
    Happy Whee-kend to you and Janine!
    HUGS!!! :-)

  • Hello Michel and have a wonderful week end.
    Ty so very much of your kind comments on my post warning others about the use of feline prednisone and the side effects and who they effected Ali.

  • ryc: There was no comment box Michel I was to tired to code it. I also stated comments would have to go to email.

    I really wonder with so few commenting any more Michel why I take the time to put the box in. Yes indeed I'm tired, and back is so bad today.

  • Ty so very much for your comment on my post about running the young men in their muscle cars away from my car in our apt complex parking lot.

  • Thinking of you, and wishing you well.

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