April 17, 2015

  • Is it the slow death of Xanga? : The answer.

    11 avril

     ata_grandma  has just found she was unable to post on her Xanga . She is only able to comment other s.
    I asked her on  April 10  morning  in a comment  : “What a good surprise to read your comment this morning Gracia . So you can comment and not post.
     One question: : Did Xanga make you propositions to allow you to continue to post and comment, before the expiration of your subscription? "

     She answered to me the same day via a comment on my previous entry (Easter Sunday familial meal ):
    Dear Michel, No, Xanga didn't give me any warning at all. I think when I e-mailed Eugenia she replied with a date when my subscription would expire but that was several months ago. My daughter also wrote her a short time after that, and hers doesn't expire until August. I really don't think they quite know what they are doing. Love to you and Janine, Gracia”


    And on April 10 in the morning I sent an e.mail to Xanga Help.( help@xanga.net ) Here is the copy:


    My xanga name is : fauquet

    My e.mail address is : ………….@........fr

    My xanga subscription expires the first of May 2015.

    Are we warned by Xanga of the near end of the subscription ?

    Please could you tell me how to renew the subscription,

    Is there money to give to renew ?  How much ? and in this case how to pay?

    I am sorry to see many xangans having their ability to post suppressed without any proposition to renew.

    I am waiting a quick  answer to the questions above . If not I will be forced to migrate after 14 years  of active presence on Xanga and after participation to the fundraising of October 2013.

     This message is sent to Eugenia but can  Eugenia take decisions ? Who are the invisible members of the “hypothetic  “ xanga team “ ?

    In waiting for your kind answer
    In friendship

    Michel Fauquet
    393 rue de Rouen
    80000 Amiens


    No answer from Xanga Help this morning  of April 13.

    I fear I have been too much confident in October 2013  and  that the dawn of the first of May will see my Xanga death . What do you think and what can be done ?


    UP DATE  April 17 2015  The answer

    la réponse

    After three messages sent to Xanga Help or directly to Eugenia , I received an answer yesterday April 16 . Here is :

    " Hi Michel,

    I apologize for the slow response. Thanks for your patience! When your subscription expires you can pay for another year of service here: http://bit.ly/1dcERujIf you choose to do this please forward your Paypal confirmation email along with your username to eugenia@xanga.net, we will extend your subscription ASAP.Thanks for supporting Xanga!Eugenia at xanga.com"
    You can see by yourself I have to pay 48 dollars via an acount Pay Pal to renew my subscription for a year.
    This seems pricey to me and I have not Pay Pal .
    Besides I am a Premium member since 2002, paying for that  every year until 2013 included . And in October 2013 I paid 48 dollars more to the fundraising to relaunch Xanga .
     So I hesitate  very much to renew and I feel a kind of sadness . But as a reader said in one of the comments below " every good thing has an end "


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  • This is very disappointIng I plan on renewing my subscritpion at the end of April. I hope Xanga continues even if there is no technical improvement.

  • I fear the same Michel... that I will soon be saying farewell to some people who have become very near and dear to my days. :-(

  • Yes. My subscription expires May 1 as well. And I have not received any notice for renewal nor any instruction for doing so. I have noticed several improvements -
    1. when I comment on a post I get an email noting that they (the blog owner) replied to my comment. This is a huge improvement!
    2. I always, always, scheduled my posts to publish in the morning. Of course that would mean that I would have to manually publish them by changing the time to a minute past the actual time and hit publish. The last couple of days they published automatically at the scheduled time!! This is a first for xanga 2.0!!! I am thrilled - now I don't have to worry about making a post go live on the days I have to be at work by 6:30 AM. It gave me hope that xanga is going to survive and thrive. However it will fade away if the few remaining xangans are unable to renew subscriptions!!

  • Eugenia is very good about answering ~ surely you will hear soon?? Oh, I surely HOPE so!!

  • @murisopsis: sure wondering how you get it to email you when there is a reply? Maybe you will reply here and I will figure it out ~ :)

  • Oh no Michel and for all who have been so loyal to Xanga even after many of us left, I hope that this can all be resolved to everyones benefit.

  • TY Michel and i am resting as you told me too and taking it easy. I am also taking my medication.
    TY fo your caring and concern.

  • I hope you will get a reply soon. I have not found any improvements, but maybe that's because I'm not computer savvy.

  • I agree with fwren. Eugenia is very dependable and replies as soon as she can. This is a weekend here Michel, and I am sure she doesn't check her office emails on Saturdays and Sundays. I have a feeling she will respond to you on Monday. All the best to you my friend. It will be a dark day in xangadom if you and Val cannot post from the 1st of the month. I hope you both have taken advantage of the free six month program. If not, I would recommend you do that by sending her another email.

    • Yes Zakiah I will wait for next Monday or Tuesday.
      But I have a laugh when you speak of 6 months free !!! In October 2013 I gave twice the Premium value to relaunch xanga . And before still in 2013 I has paid my normal contribution Premium for 2013-2014. In fact I paid 3 years of premium until 2016 . But the main worry is that nothing is proposed to renew the subscription.

  • Sorry to hear about the Xanga troubles and that things are not much better. :-(

    I hung in here (at Xanga)until January 2015, but I don't have time to blog in two places. So, I chose WordPress. WP is free. It has good features. There are many GREAT people there, including many Xangans. :-) And in the over 3 years I've blogged at WP, I've never seen any fighting or trolling, etc. It's a calm, but fun place. :-)

    I still hold out hope that things can get better here on Xanga. And I still come back to comment on the sites (like yours, Michel) that are not on "lock". There are some great people here at Xanga! :-)

    HUGS!!! :-)

  • I have also written to Xanga's help address twice with no replies...I have started downloading my Xanga files and have set up a WordPress blog just in case (I am in the process of uploading my old posts). Do you know how to do this? There is a link to download your Xanga posts in Account Management.

  • Michel, I have replied to your comment on my site, in detail. I hope you read it. Please don't lose hope. Eugenia is really very helpful, and she will respond to you I am sure. If you don't hear from her by tomorrow or Tuesday, please send her another reminder, giving the details you have given me.

  • I looked under my account and it says that my subscription expires November 21st, 2029.
    I guess it is because when Xanga was still in business I got one of their lifetime offers.
    I can't comment while I'm logged in (silly Xanga) so I'm commenting while logged out. There will be no reason to stay if all my friends are gone though.

  • Ty so very much for you recommend on my photo of the purple dahlia.

  • Whoa. Thanks for making me check my subscription; it also ends May 1. Because of the Team's embarrassing and complete lack of communication with us, they will not get a single penny more from me. I may create a private blog on WordPress (I have a public one now for poetry and photos and such, but I want a private/personal site like this one).

    Sigh. I love Xanga, but I guess all good things have to meet their ends.

    I think you are on WordPress? I will follow you there.

  • Ty so very much of your comments on my post and photos of TD and our vet tech's puppy. No not our pup and those photos were taken at our vets office. Ali is an only pet.

  • fear not little ones, life will go on.

  • It is sad reading about so many unhappinesses. I do yearn for the old Xanga. There was nothing like it.

  • @Marica0701: " I guess all good things have to meet their ends." . How Wise you are Marica . I would love having that wisdom.
    But you are right.

  • @OwenHiggins: "Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. " Luke 12;32

  • @fauquet:

    July 5th 2025 it says on my account.

  • I will try to be more consistent updating my personal blog at http://www.kblocksdorf.com so if Xanga fades into the night, I'll be there. I hope everyone gets their subscription woes straightened out.

  • I had a "lifetime" subscription on the old xanga but they did not carry that over... that's part of the reason that I have not renewed. I hope that these glitches get fixed soon. <3 Rhonda

  • Mine says Feb. 28, 2029. Since I got a life time account when they first offered does that mean the end of my life? :-D Just kidding, only the Lord knows when He calls me home.

  • No you can't leave! I guess you can find my stuff on Facebook. :-) I think I got a lifetime account too.

  • Have you heard back from Eugenia? I emailed her on Monday, but have not heard back yet ~ that is a bit unusual for her ~ getting concerned! :(

  • How are you doing today, Michel?!
    I have you in my thoughts and prayers.
    HUGS for you and Janine! :-)

  • Sadly for the last few days I am unable to log in. I am hoping that those I love keeping up friendships with like you, will keep posting their blogs to Facebook so I can keep reading. Everyone posts at different places and makes it hard to go unless of the notes on FB.

  • TY so very much for your comment on the horrid lab tech who butchered up TD's arm, and I hope that the complaint we filed doe some good at making a change. This sis not the facility we usually use due to their substandard care,

  • TY so much for your comment and concern Michel, on my post about relaxing due to the energy not to be able to make it through walmart. I am going to have to wait til my medical stuff gets taken care of and I have my energy back.

  • Ceci est vraiment dommage :-(

    As-tu au moins imprimé ou gravé sur CDs tous tes posts Michel ? Car ils sont une mine d'or pour tes enfants et petits-enfants et futurs arrières-petits-enfants-

    En tous les cas, tous tes amis qui ont eu le bonheur de te lire ici, garderons un vibrant souvenir de tes posts.

    Amitiés, AM

  • TY si very much for your comments on my photo of the macro daisy

  • Ty so very much of your comment on my photo of the cherry blossoms Michel.

  • Michel, I just logged onto Xanga for the first time in many months. I was confused at first, and finally found where I could log in. Do you have my email address? I would like to remain in contact with you, if that is possible. Are you still on Facebook? That is where I can normally be found. Jeff and I will be in Strausbourg and Paris in late May.

  • Hello my friend. Sad that Xanga has changed so much. I think a lot of people will be leaving with you--maybe we could all find a new blogging place to remain friends. I have enjoyed your posts

  • I am not sure what to do myself. I will probably pay the $48 on May 1, but I will use a Visa gift card to do it. It worked last time. If they insist on PayPay, I and done here and that will be a very sad day for me.

    This is like losing a close fiend or family member.

  • I have not a single clue when my Xanga demise will come, but I have decided to let the Xanga gods decide my fate and accept the final curtain closing with grace.

  • Hey, Michel!Thank you for your comments on my WordPress blog! I loved the link you shared with me! :-)
    HUGS and Happy Whee-kend!!! :-)

  • Yeah, $48 is a bit much. I mean, if only NOW we can get email notifications to replies, and it's this close to most of our subscriptions ending, it's too close to our deadlines and it honestly does not give me a good impression. I will not be renewing.

  • @fwren: I'm not sure why or how it happens but it is a good improvement. Perhaps you will get a message saying I replied to your comment? I've got my fingers crossed!

  • I suppose I will renew -simply out of loyalty and a last gasp to hold onto the friendships that I've developed here. If I were to leave xanga it would be like graduating from high school where all my friends were scattered to the winds - never o be together again!

  • Pricey indeed Michel. Word press has free accounts. Xanga paid to use word press software and I found it difficult to use.

  • @murisopsis: yes, I did!! :)

  • TY so very much for your comment on my photo of the light purple rose in bloom.

  • I also have a "Lifetime" account. Xanga now lists my "subscription" as expiring on Oct 31, 2028. How is "lifetime" not lifetime?

  • I do have a lifetime subscription. I hope it won't expire before it I expire.

  • My dear Michel, I will be delighted if I can pay for your subscription!

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