April 8, 2015

  • Easter Sunday familial meal.

    Le repas familial de Pâques

    Easter Sunday familial meal


    English version belox the pictures


    Nous étions 26  à participer au repas du Dimanche de Pâques . Janine avait utilisé un nouveau système de tables indépendantes et rondes . C ' était plus facile pour se déplacer et on pouvait être plus nombreux . Nos six enfants et leur famille étaient là ainsi que deux cousins.

    1  SDC14398

    We were 26 at the Easter Sunday familial meal . Janine used this time a system with independent round tables .  It was more easy to move  and we could have more people around the tables .Our six children and their family were there and two cousins.

    Mais avant le repas une chasse aux œufs étaient nécessaires pour les jumeaux Yris et Raphaël

    la chasse aux oeufs pâques 2015

     But before the meal we watched the eggs  hunters : the twins Yris and Raphael with their parents Jean-Baptiste and Melody


    Le repas s 'est déroulé dans une  chaude ambiance familiale avec le bonheur de pouvoir se retrouver ensemble . Ce système de plusieurs tables facilitait aussi les échanges , les conversations mutltiples.

    Les tables  avec 26 convives

    It was a good familial ambiance , the happiness to be all  gathered . This system of tables made the conversations easier

    Sur la photo ci - dessous on voit que Janine était très heureuse de cette réunion de  la famille .  Elle tient dans ses bras un des jumeaux ; Yris

    Janine heureuse de cette journée Pâques 2015

    On the picture above we see how much Janine was happy to have all of the family together

    Au milieu du repas on fait une pause . Une promenade dans le potager aide à la digestion

    2     SDC14399

    At the middle of the meal  a litlle walk in the veggie garden helps the digestion. On this group we see from the left to right : Chantal, my cousin René 's wife, my son Pierre, the valiant Knight of the Duchess, and my cousin René ( the seals'friend)

    Et ceci est  complété de façon heureuse par une petite pétanque sur gazon! Ensuite on pourra continuer le repas pour se délecter du fromage et du dessert?


    3 SDC14413
    the red hair, my daughter Veronique puy the game Under controle!!! :)

    And this is happily completed by a bowling on the grass . Afterwards we will return to the dining room to finish the meal and to be delighted by the cheese and dessert


    Et enfin après le repas, chacun aide à desservie les tables et à faire ma vaisselle. C ' est aussi un moment privilégier pour bavarder plaisanter et rire.

    4 ,SDC14409

    And after the meal everyone helps Janine to clean tables and dishes . This is also a privileged moment for exchanges , jokes  and laughters.
    Left to right : daughter Isabelle ( coming from England,Chantal, the duchess Carole,  and her knight.  In the background : Janine

    Comme on le voit le dur travail de Janine pour préparer ce grand repas a été récompensé . Et moi dans tout cela . J ' ai juste à dire merci à Janine  avec reconnaissance . Deo gratias.

    As you see , the hard  work of Janine to prepare this big meal has been deserved . And   what about me? I have only to say thank you Janine  and be grateful. Thanks God .


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  • Dear Michel,

    You have such a beautiful mansion; and the table settings look ravishingly wonderful. What a great idea! Every one looks so happy and satisfied. The best part besides the food, the smiles and the help in the kitchen. You are blessed my friend.

  • How very lovely to have family gatherings with so many people! I have only 2 kids, and my hectic schedule will make it irresponsible of me to have more.
    But I'm trying to sell the idea of having 4 children to my own kids. Yes, they are only 6 and 8 now. But propaganda works best on young children. Hahahahaha... Alas, they are telling me they won't have children because children are so troublesome! :P

  • What wonderful family Easter celebration you had, Michel! :-) Just to have your beautiful precious family together for warmth, laughter, and to make good memories!
    Yes, everyone owes Janine a BIG thank you, and you all have much to be grateful for! :-)
    I love the egg hunt! :-) Yris and Raphael are growing up so fast!
    HUGS!!! :-)

  • 3 tables, and how beautiful it looks!
    Wherever do you find enough chairs?
    and yes, to get outside after the meal... so nice.
    Playing Bocce? :-)
    and yes, thanks to Janine, God, and family.
    What a wonderful gathering you had.
    How blessed.

    • Yes, Lynn, we had enough chairs because with the time the furnitures fill the house as the moss covers the wall !! :)

  • I love your house. It looks like a wonderful time by the entire family.

  • I love the joy you bring when you share your fantastic family pictures. It certainly was a blessed Easter for all of you. Thanks for letting me enjoy it. too.

  • Une famille divinement unie! Bravos et Joyeuses Pâques à vous tous encore!

  • What a wonderful family you have Michel and so wonderful to be making such beautiful memories with them all.

  • What a wonderful idea of the round tables! You are certainly blessed with such a large family.

  • What a beautiful table setting!

  • Michel!!! You are so blessed with beautiful home, and family. I envy you and really happy for you. You are blessed. I loved the photos. Precious moments in life.



  • RYC: The treats I bake for my dog are only for snacks and rewards. For his regular meals, he gets a meaty dog food. One of the treats I baked (not shown in the photo) was made with homemade chicken broth. The treats in the large jar in the middle of the photo have bacon in them. So he is getting plenty of protein, and now that spring has finally arrived he is getting a little more exercise.

  • RYC: I added a photo of Boo to my post.

  • What wonderful photos of your family at Easter time. Everyone smiling and enjoying the day of gathering. Thanks for sharing. John and I stayed home as I was just to exhausted to go out, didn't fix an Easter dinner, but had homemade veggie soup and waffles with fresh strawberries..

  • Amazing! Looks like so much fun and lively conversation and good times. Precious family times. Thank you for sharing! Joyeuses Pâques!

    I had Easter dinner with my aunt and uncle, a family friend, and a cousin. It was small but festive and lots of laughs. :)

    Best wishes!

  • Ah Michel! What a wonderful family gathering. Janine must have been so very busy preparing for the day----with your assistance, I am sure. It looks like many chipped in to clean up afterwards. The tables looked so elegant! And it is wonderful that the "young" ones could enjoy playing outside. It was quite cold here. We were alone this year for Easter. Local son and family went out of town to grandson's apartment. It is a very tiny apartment, and there was hardly room for them---much less trying to fit grandparents in. I would have had a problem with the long, steep steps to get to his apartment. It is great to see your large family gathering, with all the love of being together, especially for such a blessed occasion as Easter! <3

  • Thank you for sharing your family with us! I love your posts very much. God bless you all.

  • We had a big gathering too but alas, I was too busy to take any photos! When family comes together there is always fun! Thanks for letting me peek into the house and enjoy the moment with you!!

  • I do love the idea of having the round tables. It makes it so much easier for everyone to visit each other. We only had 11 plus 2 babies for our Easter dinner but it was a very happy blessed day. Your wife looks radiant and happy surrounded by family. She must have worked very hard preparing for this beautiful family gathering.

  • I love your blue and white walls :)

    Wonderful and joyous family pictures!

  • You have the most interesting posts. Love Janine's table settings. So very French!
    So happy you are giving me access to your posts even though I'm no longer on Xanga.

  • I love the photos of your family at Easter. I had 19 here for Easter dinner. The regular people and 6 extra cousins/ aunt and uncle also.

  • oh how lovely :) somehow i can smell the goodness :) lol ..and you know how much i love the decor !!! i don't have to say it..i know you all had a real good time :)

  • TY so very much of your nice comment on my post of the photo of the red tulips.

  • Dear Michel,
    Thank you for sharing your Easter.
    I do not know if my message went through on Facebook, so I thought to send it here as well:
    I (and the rest of my family) hope that you and yours have a wonderful Easter.
    Please forgive my lack of card this year for Easter, but we were a little sidetracked by projects around home and time passed more quickly than anticipated.
    Again, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.
    In friendship,
    Yvonne and Family.

  • Wonderful story in pictures Michel. Im Jealous of how comfortable you and your family is together. Next Year I will come knocking on your door begging for cheese and and eggs. :D

  • Family times--wonderful!

  • I love your Easter pictures. The tables are so pretty! When they are filled with our loved ones it is a rich blessing!

  • April in Paris...(Well, in Picardy) I love so much about this: The joy of family, the food, the care in table settings...A lot of very loving work went into the preparation. I like the fresh colors, the blue and the yellow...very springy.

    This is a lot like our family holiday celebrations here in the USA. Easter is a blessed time and we rejoice in the season.
    votre amie,

  • What fantastic Easter celebrations, Michel! Janine certainly puts on a wonderful meal, and the tables are set beautifully!

    Thanks so much for sharing this lovely blog with us. <3

  • What a precious blessing,and memories to be treasured for a lifetime. Janine herself is a blessed treasure! Love her decorating skills. Thank you for posting. Wishing you both happiness.- Ellen

  • It is always a delight to see your family! Such a lovely group. I still hope to be able to visit you someday.

    I miss my children. In Dallas they were at my house every Sunday for dinner.

  • Thank you for sharing your wonderful Easter! Love, Nancy

  • Thank you for your sweet comments on my WP post! I responded to your question there. :-)
    HUGS!!! :-)

  • Well done to Janine for all the hard work in preparing that wonderful meal. I did think that it was only the women washing up until I saw the Duke :-D

    • i think the " Duke " will have a enormous laugh when I will tell him your comment, Julie . :) He looks like a good duke ! :)

  • I just found out that I can still comment on Xanga. I really enjoyed your Easter family pictures. Large familes are a lot of work, but also a huge blessing, as you know.

  • Dear Michel, No, Xanga didn't give me any warning at all. I think when I e-mailed Eugenia she replied with a date when my subscription would expire but that was several months ago. My daughter also wrote her a short time after that, and hers doesn't expire until August. I really don't think they quite know what they are doing. Love to you and Janine, Gracia

  • I am always very happy to see your beautiful description of your huge family. Makes me feel good for the future.



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