April 28, 2015

  • Spring in beauty

    le printemps en beauté

    Spring in beauty



    English version below the pictures



    Le 23 Avril dernier je me préparais à tondre la pelouse . Quand soudain j' entendis une clameur de protestation . Ecoutant plus attentivement , je réalisais que c' était les petites pâquerettes qui étaient en foule dans le gazon. Pourquoi nous couper la tête disaient -elles ? Ne vois - tu pas que nous t'offrons un beau tapis blanc ? Arrête cette fiche tondeuse .Je pris le temps de la réflexion . Elles avaient raison . N ' avais  je pas attendu pour les primevères quand elles étaient tout en fleur.  je remis la tondeuse dans son abri . Et en effet j' admirai mon beau tapis blac naturel.  Après un quart d'heure de contemplation je suis allé faire le tour du potager

    tapis de pâquerettes

       On last 23 April I was preparing to mow the lawn. Suddenly I 'heard a clamor of protest. Listening more carefully, I realized that it 'was the little daisies that crowded in the grass. Why cut off our heads? -they said.  See,  Do not we offer to you a beautiful white carpet? Stop this darn mower. I took the time to think. They were right. Did have not I wait for primroses when they were all in bloom?. I put the mower in its shelter. And indeed I 'admired my beautiful natural white carpet. After fifteen minutes of contemplation I went round the veggie garden

    Je marchais dans l' allée autour du potager et je suis tombé d ' admiration devant une branche de pommier fleurie sur le fond d ' azur  du ciel .  C ' était un si beau spectacle qui s 'offrait à moi comme un cadeau divin . Et juste à coté un autre pommier commençait seulement sa floraison . Mais ces bougeons floraux entr' ouverts étaient si jolis avec leur nuances de rose . Je restais là en méditant pendant un bon moment.

    pommier en fleur


    boutons de pommier

    I  was walking down the path  around the veggie  garden and I fell in admiration before  a  apple tree branch blossoming on the background of blue sky. That was a beautiful sight that offered to me as a divine gift. And right next to another apple tree just beginning its bloom. But these flowers buds starting to open  were so pretty with their pink nuances. I stood there pondering,  during a long time


    Mes chers ami , pour diverses raisons cette entrée est la dernière sur Xanga . j ' ai commençé Xanga en 2001 , cela fait 14 ans . Il est temps d ' arrêter même avec le cœur lourd . Toutefois je recommencerai un nouveau blog sur WordPress le 1er mai ou le 2 Mai prochan . Au revoir et merci  à ceux qui sont commentaitent encore ici venant de Xanga ou d ' ailleurs.

    post d ' arrêt de xanga

    My dear friends , for some reasons this entry is the last on Xanga. I started Xanga in 2001 , 14 years ago. It is time to stop even with a heavy heart. However I will re -start a new blog on WordPress on the next May first or two . Au revoir and thanks to those who still commented here, coming from xanga or elsewhere. .



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  • You will be missed on Xanga, Michel.

  • Your beautiful garden makes me happy, but your words make me sad. I will miss you on xanga.

  • Have you bookmarked there. Your yard is so pretty!

  • You have such beautiful yard and what a wonderful place to simply stroll of just sit.
    I am sorry Xanga is ending for more folks but will be very happy to have you on word press.

  • TY so very much for your comment on my photo of my yellow and red rose in bloom.

  • 14 belles années d'échanges via Xanga. Bravos Michel et bonne continuation sur WordPress! Le printemps est propice aux renaissances ...Te suivrai volontiers là-bas également! En tous les cas, mercis infiniment pour toute la beauté partagée au fil des années!
    Amitiés. AM

  • Oh my goodness, the beauty of the tulips, and the tale of the daisies... I loved it!
    and the contemplative, 'blossoms of the apple tree'...
    and even to see the word Fin, and see the lovely carpet of white...
    but then followed by such sad words, the meaning of the word Fin became clear. :-(
    14 years is a long time to come to an end, and I will have this same heavy heart to see you go, and when I also must say good-bye to Xanga. :'(
    I will maybe learn to keep up on WordPress.
    So many blessing to you Michel, you have been a treasure to my days.

  • Sorry to see you go. I love your photos of your beautiful garden and your beautiful family. I hope you will stay and delights us with your world.

  • The flowers are lovely! And I love your apple trees! At our old house, we had a Dogwood tree and I adored its flowers. Unfortunately the people who recently bought the house cut the tree down. I drive by it every week, and it will be sad to not see it.

    I will also be on WordPress so we will continue to keep in contact there :)

  • I weep. The beauty of spring in your yard is amazing. The sadness of your parting words leaves my heart aching. I will miss these posts and seeing your family gathered at table... I hope that you will continue these type of posts on WordPress and you point us all in that direction!

  • I am sooooo sad you are leaving Xanga, Michel! Can hardly believe it! Your flowers are beautiful ~

  • Your photos are gorgeous, as always.

    I'll see you on WordPress!

    In friendship,

  • Sooo beautiful!! I love the way the flowers "talk" to you! <3


  • A new chapter! I shall show your photographs to my students... I can hear their "wow!" already!

  • Your garden is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes, Michel! I love how Spring says "Hope!" "Renewal!" "Life!" and "Never give up!" :-)
    I will keep up with you on WordPress! :-) I'm so glad you will blog there! :-) I can't imagine being without you and your words, your wisdom, love and friendship! Glad all of that will not end! :-)
    Thank you for being my friend! :-)
    HUGS!!! :-)

  • Merci pour les bon photos! Je vais regarder pour vous sur WordPress. J'ai ouvert un compte là-bas ainsi : cheezlouise. Je n'ai pas encore écrit un post il, mais je le ferai très bientôt. J'espère que nous pouvons rester en contact. Je t'embrasse, Michele

  • Its very sad to see the end of Xanga but I have bookmarked your wordpress site so I do not miss your blogs :-)

  • Beautiful blooms, beautiful post. I am sorry that you are leaving xanga. Will see you on WordPress. Just because you will be there, I will post there more regularly than I do now. Love to you and yours Michel.

  • Your spring pictures are beautiful. I hope you will continue to share your posts with those of us on Facebook.

  • Michel, I will miss you and Janine. Your post is beautiful and shows the beauty of nature in the spring and new beginnings. You have been an inspiration to me in many ways. Yes, I'm gone from Xanga, only on FB or converse with friends by email. Hugs and much love to you and Janine. Love Marilyn Thysell (aka 'thistlepatch')

  • Well. There is a time to come and a time to go.
    Welcome to WordPresse.
    I am sure it will be a great blog like it has been at Xanga.

    Not better moment to start a new life as at springtima.'Primavera'



  • Oh no! :-) Hope you come back to visit. I guess I should make the transition too. I just don't like keeping more than one place active. I'll come check it out.

  • Beautiful photos Michel! I'm so sorry you have to say goodbye to your Xanga blog. Since I hardly ever use my site and don't really need it.... I took a bunch of things off mine hoping to give you my site because it is good until 2029 but I can't change the name to yours. :-( I see you have started your WordPress and you learn so quickly how to do it....I know it will be the "bomb" (that means really good!) as my children say. I am beginning work on a nice painting of a lady in the garden between trees. :-)
    I'll be reading you on WordPress!

  • Take care, my friend.

  • See you in wordpress.

    Love your photos!!

    Aloha!! I am sipping coffee in Waikiki while the gals are on a boat ride!



  • Sorry you have to leave. It has not been the same. Please let me know your new blog address! Love to all,. Nancy

  • What lucky flowers you have to listen to their cries and not chop their heads.

  • Thanks for the comment but now I am here :

  • I will most definitely follow you on Word Press...that is, if I know you have written. I am also on Word Press but I may have written one time...it seems years ago. I like Xanga so much better. It's so much easier to use.

    This is such a sweet and lovely entry although the poor poor little daisies...Awwww. But they make a pretty carpet. The blossoms are so beautiful. Spring should always be full of promise. Too much violence in the world and the flowers and birds and other animals know nothing of all the hatred. It's nice to see Spring and to smell sweetness.

  • to word press i will go...ilym

  • I need to look you up on FB again. I still didn't find you on WP. Hopefully I can learn it eventually!

  • Anyone on Xanga will follow me on Twitter? I make it my new frequent.


  • Michel,

    I too have been withdrawing from the Xanga community, not by choice, but by circumstance. The old Xanga was alive and vibrant. This Xanga is a ghost town and there only but a few good ghosts left.

    Fortune however has blessed us with memories and new places to meet and share our lives, our families, our work and our spirits. I too have a blog on WordPress, but alas I use it only rarely.

    But I see many of the faces from Xanga still on Facebook, and there I feel the warmth of the friendships we have made.

    Thank you for all your kind hearted words and encouragement during these few years. I am eternally grateful to be able to call you a friend.

    un ami à un autre


  • wait a second

    its still here

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