September 8, 2001

  • Chaque arbre a sa chanson .

      Le vent soufflait hier . Il faisait chanter notre sycomore et notre grand noyer . Je frissonnais à entendre le chant du noyer  Il y a aussi la voix des peupliers , celle des chênes etc ... Toutes différentes . Rassemblées dans la forêt elles forment un choeur harmonieux et mystérieux qui chante la vie du monde . Heureux ceux qui peuvent entendre chanter les arbres .

    Every tree has its song .

      The wind was blowing yesterday . It made our sycamore and our tall walnut sing . I was thrilled at hearing the walnut ' s song . There are also the voice of poplars , the one of oaks etc ... All different . Gathered in the forest they become a harmonious and mysterious choir which sings the life of the world . Happy those who can hear the trees sing .

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  • Bonjour Michel,
    Et la dance,il faut pas l'oublier,la dance,ils chantent et ils dancent.

  • Bonjour Michel,
    Et la dance,il faut pas l'oublier,la dance,ils chantent et ils dancent.

  • I bet it is a beautiful sound. Here the wind is blowing hard also, but we are fortunate to be in a "cosy corner". No walnut trees here in our neighborhood - we have a lot of chestnuts and willows. I like hearing the wind...

  • I love, love the music the wind makes...I can sit there and listen to it for hours on end...That must of been such a nice sound, the wind blowing in the trees..

    Have a great week ahead...


  • It is with the ears of our soul that we can hear the mystical voices of all of life which surrounds us.  Waves lapping on the shore always seem to call to me, "Come play with us!"  and rain tapping on my window always whisper to me.  Singing trees are for those of us who listen for the magic!!

  • What a lovely way to look at such a simple thing

  • I know that sound! And do you enjoy the sound of Birch? Its my favorite.

  • Hi Michel  I live in "Leafy" Warwickshire so called by the abundance of trees  But sadly I have never enjoyed the music --but then perhaps I just have not stopped to listen. Something I must remedy, Ron

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